Aaron Blue – Episode 180 – Soccer, Savings Groups and Family in Thailand

In episode 180, you'll hear from Aaron Blue who serves as the Thailand Director for The Charis Project. We talk with Aaron about the work that he and his team are undertaking in Mae Sot, Thailand to strengthen families and develop communities.

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Pastor Evans Baggs – Episode 179 – Orphan Care and the American Church

In episode 179, you'll hear from Pastor Evans Baggs who serves as the Pastor of Mobilization at Port City Community Church in Wilmington, North Carolina. We talk with Evans about the recent research from Barna Group, Faith to Action and Changing the Way We Care on Christian giving to orphanages. We'll also hear his thoughts on the role of the American church in missions and ministry to orphan and vulnerable children and how to prioritize relationship and accountability with international partners.

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Ruth Wacuka – Episode 177 – Engaging Care Leavers Beyond Their Stories

In episode 177, you will hear from children's rights advocate and global voice for care leavers, Ruth Wacuka. She'll be talking with us about the importance of engaging care leavers beyond just hearing their stories, but collaborating on actual care programming and reforms. 

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Dr. Greg Burch – Episode 176 – Ministering to Street Connected Children

In episode 176, you will hear from Dr. Greg Burch, Chair of the Global Studies Department at Multnomah University and expert on issues surrounding children at risk. He's talking with us today about issues facing street connected children, the problems with statistics when it comes to at risk children and the role education plays to equip practitioners towards caring for orphans and vulnerable children with excellence.

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Episode 167 – [Recast] Jason Johnson – Everyone Can Do Something

In this recast episode, you will hear from Jason Johnson, Author of Everyone Can Do Something, Reframing Foster Care, and All In Orphan Care, and Director of Church Ministry Initiatives for CAFO, talking with Phil about: Read more