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Episode 80: Season 4 Preview with Phil

In Episode 80, Phil previews what’s to come in Season 4, which will include more great interviews with experts from around the world, blog posts from Phil and others, and more. Read More
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Episode 79: Top 10 Think Orphan Podcasts of Season 3

In Episode 79, we re-visit Season 3 and share with you excerpts from the Top 10 episodes of Season 3, based on downloads, comments, and feedback during 2017. The link to each episode (or episodes in the case of two-part episodes) is available below, and we hope that you continue to learn from our incredible guests after hearing the clips from their interviews. Read More
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Episode 74: [ Recast ] – Craig Greenfield – Subversive, Radical Orphan Care

[ This episode is a recast from May 31st, 2016 ] In this episode, we hear from Craig Greenfield, founder and international director of Alongsiders and author of Subversive Jesus. Craig is living out the upside down nature of the Kingdom of God by living amongst and serving in some of the poorest communities in Cambodia and Canada. Read More
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