ThinkOrphan Podcast – Season 1

March 18, 2016

Welcome to Season 1 of the ThinkOrphan Podcast! In this inaugural season we hope to open up an honest dialogue around the global orphan crisis. Each week, Phil and I, Kelly, will discuss the hot topics and difficult issues with the leading voices in orphan care, such as Jedd Medifind, Peter Greer and Rick Morton. From poverty alleviation to family strengthening, to best practices in caring for orphaned and abandoned children, to human trafficking and mentoring, We will work with you to navigate the issues that affect millions of children and families all over the world.


What To Expect This Season:

  • This show is a dialogue- Each podcast will be an open discussion between Phil and I, and our guest. We will examine the issues from all sides with the perspective of best practice in orphan care.
  • Weekly Interviews with Experts in Orphan Care- Each episode you will hear from those who are doing the work around the world, in the areas that affect vulnerable children around the world. We will discuss the issues surrounding the work our guests are doing, as well as, the solutions they are implementing on the ground. We will also get to hear about the different organizations they serve.
  • Recommended Resources from Our Guests- Phil and Kelly end each interview with the same two questions: “What have you read or listened to in the past year that has most impacted your thinking in the issues surrounding orphan care?” and“What one person has most impacted your thinking on how to best love and care for orphaned and vulnerable children?” You will be able to find these resources here at ThinkOrphan.
  • Ways to Connect with ThinkOrphanWe want to connect with you and hear your questions! You can connect with us here at the ThinkOrphan website, Twitter or Facebook. We want to create an environment for conversation and hearing your thoughts on the issues that are discussed.
  • You can download and subscribe to the episodes at Itunes, or right here on Think Orphan. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and getting to know you over the coming episodes!

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