I’m excited for meaningful conversations with people doing amazing things about the interconnectedness of kingdom-building relationships and work around the world.

I’m excited about conversations about how we all can collaborate to alleviate the orphan crisis in real ways.


I’m excited for conversations about how orphan care is both simple and complex. How it involves relationships just like those in our own homes and neighborhoods. About how when we do it well, it’s messy and long-term. How it is both beautiful and broken. How it will have incredible success and heartbreaking failures. How we can learn and have learned from all of it.

I’m excited for conversations about how, in the end, we need to trust that God is working in and through our advocacy and relationships because we often will not see or otherwise experience any tangible results from our activity.

I’m excited for conversations that will encourage me and you, and will help us to spur each other on to love and good deeds as we seek to love orphaned and vulnerable children, and each other, with excellence, as God created us to do.

I’m excited for you to join me, Kelly, and many others on this journey.


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