We had a chance to hear from Rebecca Nhep and were astounded at the depth of understanding she shared with us in regards to the orphan crisis around the world.

Rebecca Nhep is the Joint CEO and Head of International Programs at ACC International. Rebecca runs the ACCI Kinnected program, which focuses on upholding children’s right to a family through deinstitutionalization, family based care and family preservation. Rebecca has been working with ACCIR for 16 years, 11 years field based in Cambodia working on community and family & community strengthening and family-based alternative care programs. Rebecca serves on the board of Children in Families, a Cambodian NGO providing family-based alternative care.

In this week’s episode, you will discover:

  • The difference between residential care and family based care.
  • Defining Deinstitutionalization and the short term costs
  • Cultural bias toward poverty and parenting styles
  • How short term missions can be effective
  • Why orphanages create orphans

Links form the show:

The Kinnected Program

Books mentioned in the show:

Cross Cultural Psychology and Anthropology books



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