In this episode, we hear from John Sowers, President of The Mentoring Project, as well as an author and speaker. We talk about the effects of fatherlessness on our society and the influence of mentoring on the lives of children.  He is a powerful advocate for the fatherless and redeeming their story through mentoring.

In this week’s episode, you will discover:

  • The need for showing up in the lives of children
  • The impact of fatherlessness
  • The power of a mentor
  • The idea of carrying your weight
  • The role of discipling and leading men to end the orphan crisis
  • The hiddenness of the fatherless
  • The Impact of women on fatherlessness
  • Core values in mentoring

Links from the show:

The Mentoring Project Tool Kit

Books mentioned in the show:


One comment on “12. Combating Fatherlessness with Dr. John Sowers

  1. Thanks for this show. I’ve been taking some steps toward mentoring with a program near us for youth aging out of foster care and recruiting others to do it with me. I appreciated John’s reminder to not make any big commitments that you can’t keep and to just keep showing up. I’m going to order the mentoring toolkit this week. Keep up the good work, Think Orphan team! Also, I just discovered the Archibald Project’s Orphan Care podcasts – also great! Hooray! Other people I’d loved to hear interviewed are Stephen Ucembe, Melanie Sherman, Corbey Dukes, Mike Dourris, Kristi Gleason, Karen Springs.