In Part 2 of this two-part Episode, Daniel Kaggwa, Pastor of Sign of the Dove Church in Kampala, Uganda, joins Phil and Kelly to share how his story has informed the work his ministry is doing in Uganda and around the world.

In this week’s episode you will hear about:

  • How Daniel used what he learned in his childhood to impact many orphaned and vulnerable children in Uganda and all over Africa
  • The impact that family, belonging, and community integration have on children’s lives
  • How Daniel is training up churches and individuals all over the world to live out the gospel in their care of orphaned and vulnerable children
  • How our lives are like a Sequoia tree—the importance of growing down before we grow up
  • What we can learn from Daniel’s life in the work we are doing with orphaned and vulnerable children


Links from the show:

Jedd Medefind talk at 2016 CAFO Summit 

Books mentioned in the show:





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