In Episode 24, you will hear a conversation between Rebecca Nhep, ACCI’s CEO of International Programs (, and Todd Guckenberger, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Back2Back Ministries (, about some important issues orphan care is facing today.

In this week’s episode, Rebecca and Todd had a great discussion about:

  • The meaning of and broad scope of deinstitutionalization, and how we can work to provide orphaned and vulnerable children with families to the greatest extent possible in the midst of the cultural, legal, spiritual, and other challenges
  • The tension between investing in the long-term works of deinstitutionalization and simultaneously caring for the children in their respective situations today
  • The importance of collaboration
  • Orphanage tourism, the potential ills of short-term missions, and ways that short-term missions can do more good than harm

We’ll also hear about:

  • Phil’s and Kelly’s thoughts on the mail bag question about foster care and orphanages
  • Dan Cruver’s (President and Founder of Together for Adoption ( thoughts on how we can approach well the complexity of orphan care in our “Thoughts from the Field” segment
  • A book recommendation from Phil that will help us all work through the diversity and racial reconciliation issues in our societies today

Links from the show:

Books mentioned in the show:



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