In Episode 27, you will hear from Dwight “Transparent” Taylor, Sr., International Empowerment Speaker, Manhood Advocate, Coach, BET Music Matters Winner, and ESPN Featured Hip-Hop Artist.

In this episode, Dwight talks with Phil about:

  • How his life experiences have led him to advocate for authentic manhood in our world today
  • The importance of fathers in sons’ and daughters’ lives
  • The importance of mentors’ in the lives of young males in fatherless homes
  • The 3 most important “hoods” in a man’s life
  • The REAL Manhood Conference and the 4 pillars of manhood

We’ll also hear about:

  • Phil’s and Kelly’s thoughts on the “Mail Bag” question about
  • In “Thoughts from the Field,” Bruce Kendrick shares with us what he believes is one of the biggest issues the orphan care movement is facing today.
  • The latest installment of “Phil and Kelly Recommend”

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Books mentioned on the show:

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