In Episode 30, you will hear from Ian Forber-Pratt, Program Director of Centre of Excellence in Alternative Care of Children and Founder of Foster Care India

Kelly and Ian will talk about:

  • His inspiring and encouraging story about how he has revolutionized foster care in India
  • What perseverance and faith can do in the face of overwhelming odds
  • The work that Ian is doing in India and beyond that is helping find families for orphaned and vulnerable children
  • Ian’s view on the continuum of orphan care in India, and where foster care fits in to the continuum
  • How Indian culture creates challenges for foster care and deinstitutionalization
  • How 20% cultural buy-in to an idea makes it unstoppable
  • Ian’s thoughts on use of the term “orphan,” its potential stigma, and whether we should replace it
  • So much more from this wise man who is doing great things!

We’ll also hear about:

  • A mail bag discussion on how we can effectively engage each other in orphan care and beyond in our divisive time
  • “Thoughts from the Field” from David Nowell, President of Hope Unlimited for Children, sharing with us what he believes is one of the biggest issues the orphan care movement is facing today

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