In Episode 33, you will hear from Diana Prykhodko, Ambassador for Father’s House, talking with Phil about:

  • The movie, “Scars of an Orphan,” which tells the story of her life and what we can learn from it, and how you can help to make the film a reality
  • Why Diana is so excited to tell the hard truths she has experienced through her life
  • How fatherlessness impacted her life and why fathers are so critical in a child’s life
  • How Diana survived life on the streets as a 9 year old, and how a few people in her life during her teenage years helped her to become the thriving woman she is today
  • The importance of forgiveness and how she has forgiven people in her life who have hurt her deeply
  • How she had difficulty assimilating to her adoptive family, and how she encourages adoptive parents and adoptees to bond and assimilate with each other
  • Diana’s work as an Ambassador of “Father’s House”

We’ll also hear about:

  • A mail bag discussion on due diligence in donating to non-profit organizations
  • “Thoughts from the Field” from Brandon Stiver, Director of Kingdom Families in Tanzania
  • A book recommendation from Phil

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Books mentioned on the show:

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