In Episode 40, you will hear from Jon Bergeron, Counselor with Austin Stone Counseling Center and Speaker, talking with Phil about:

  • His inspiring personal experiences with foster care and adoption, including what he learned about life from his son and gardening shears
  • How Jon got involved with Austin Stone Counseling Center, and how he works with adoptive and foster families in that role
  • Why he loves hanging out with missionaries and adoptive and foster parents so much
  • Why he thinks people need to be careful about putting too much stock in the experts and science in connection with adoption, foster care, attachment, trauma, and other related issues
  • Spiritual warfare in parenting, adoption, and the care of orphaned and at-risk children
  • His wisdom and advice to foster and adoptive parents from his many years of counseling and parenting experience
  • And much more!

We’ll also hear:

  • Kelly and Phil sharing what they’ve learned over the first two seasons and how they think we can engage each other better in our conversations about these difficult issues.

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Books mention on the show:

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