In Episode 44, you will hear some of our favorite moments from Season 2, during which our guests talked with us about many topics, including:

  • The importance of fathers in the lives of kids from hard places and every other child in the world
  • Great advice to adoptive and foster parents, adoptees, prospective adoptive or foster parents, and everybody who love any of these people or wants to know how they can better love orphaned and at-risk children (so pretty much everyone)
  • How to really connect with kids from hard places, whether biological children, adopted children, or other children in our lives
  • Orphanages, short-term missions, deinstitutionalization, human trafficking, orphan prevention, family preservation, maternal care, addressing the effects of trauma, and other hot topics in orphan care
  • How we can really communicate and work with each other when it seems that we are so far apart in our beliefs and convictions
  • How we can effectively engage in all the suffering and injustice in our world
  • How all of these issues are interconnected and need to be addressed in concert with each other
  • And much more!

Books mentioned on the show:

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