In episode 48, you will hear from Tom Lukasik, 4KIDS of South Florida’s VP of Community Engagement, talking with Phil about:

  • How an encounter at a Pro-Life rally changed his worldview and life
  • What he has learned over the past couple decades through his foster care experience
  • What 4KIDS does, how it uses EPIC to love and care for the kids in South Florida and beyond, and how they are changing the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children
  • How organizations can encourage churches and their pastors to live out James 1:27
  • The importance of collaboration between non-profits, churches, and governments
  • How to connect with and develop young women with crisis pregnancies and young men and women that are aging out of the orphan care system
  • How we can help orphaned and at-risk children to have hope in seemingly hopeless situations
  • And much more!

We’ll also hear:

  • Thoughts from the Field from Jason Kovacs of Austin Stone Counseling Center
  • More recommendations and insights from Phil and Karen

Links from the show

  • Kids South Florida on the web

Books mentioned on the show:


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