In Episode 50, you will hear from Kent Annan, author of Slow Kingdom Coming and Co-Director of Haiti Partners, talking with Phil about:

  • How we can engage the refugee crisis with excellence
  • How collaboration plays an integral part in the work of Haiti Partners
  • Some of the things we can learn from two of his books, Slow Kingdom Coming and Aftershock
  • How we can respond well to disasters around the world and what we can learn in the midst of disasters
  • The five practices for doing justice
  • What “Truthing” is and why it’s important for us to do in connection with our work around the world
  • Three critical questions to apply to our short-term missions
  • And much more!

We’ll also hear:

  • Karen talking about what “Vicarious Trauma” is and why it’s important for us to understand how to address it.
  • Thoughts from the Field from Lisa Slavovsky of International Justice MIssion
  • More recommendations from Phil and Karen

Links from the show:

Haiti Partners on the web

Books mentioned on the show:




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