In Episode 52, you will hear from Delia Pop, Director of Programs and Global Advocacy for Hope and Homes for Children, talking with Phil about:

  • How can we work to alleviate poverty and strengthen families so that less children end up in orphanages around the world
  • What community hubs are and why they’re important
  • The specific issues we need to address with child-headed households and how we can address them
  • How we can prepare and support young men and women as they age out of the orphan care system
  • How we can more effectively collaborate with each other in doing the hard work of deinstitutionalization and orphan care
  • And much more!

We’ll also hear:

  • About the CAFO Research Symposium at CAFO Summit 2017
  • “Phil and Dr. Karen Recommend” segment

Links from the show

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