In Episode 55, you will hear from Peter Greer, President of Hope International, talking with Phil about:

  • The power of collaboration, teamwork, true friendships, and being a great teammate
  • Why being “busy” isn’t necessarily a good thing
  • How hurriedness can sabotage relationships and our work cross-culturally
  • How we can practice self-care and avoid burnout in the midst of our busy lives
  • 2x2x2 mentoring
  • How we can protect ourselves from sacrificing our family at the altar of ministry
  • Peter’s favorite collaborative writing project
  • What Mission Drift is and how we can avoid it, personally and organizationally
  • Why he shared his eulogy at his 40th birthday party
  • And much more!

We’ll also hear:

  • Karen discussing “Member Care” in the “Ask Dr. Karen” segment
  • Book recommendations from Phil that might surprise you

Links from the show

 Hope International

Books mentioned in the show:




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