In Episode 59, you will hear from Khalil Sleiman, World Vision’s Humanitarian Response Director in Iraq and Syria, talking with Phil about:

  • Khalil’s incredible story, and how he has overcome the trauma he experienced as a child refugee to be working with World Vision today to help refugees overcome their own trauma
  • The realities of the refugee crisis, what we need to understand, and how we can engage it in wise, practical ways
  • The great work World Vision is doing around the world to alleviate the refugee crisis
  • How we can bring real hope to the children in different ways, including “Child Friendly Spaces”
  • The importance of collaboration to the work World Vision is doing around the world
  • Trustworthy resources to provide news and information about the refugee crisis
  • Why there is no need for a needs assessment when working in connection with the refugee crisis
  • And much more!

We’ll also hear:

  • Karen shares with us her expertise on “Resilience” in the “Ask Dr. Karen” segment
  • Recommendations from Dr. Karen and Phil

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