In Episode 70, you will hear from Paul David Tripp, Pastor, Author, and Speaker, talking with Phil about:

  • The importance of living life with a Biblical worldview and eternal perspective, and how we have an “awe of God” problem
  • The two components of a successful marriage and why strong marriages are so important to thriving parenting
  • His new book, Parenting: 14 Gospel Principles that Can Radically Change Your Family, and how it can help us parent our biological, adopted, and foster children
  • An ambassador vs. owner mentality when raising our children
  • How disobedience is a heart issue, and how we are powerless to change the heart of another human being
  • How parenting biological children is different from parenting adopted children, particularly in the context of identity issues
  • The importance of a father in a child’s life, and how we can provide father figures to fatherless children
  • His books, presentations, sermons, and other resources that we can use to love children around the world
  • And much more!

We’ll also hear:

  • Recommendations from Phil and Dr. Karen

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Books mentioned on the show:


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