In Episode 71, you will hear from Robert Day, Author, Radio Show Host, and CEO of Patrick Henry Family Services, talking with Phil about:

  • How he overcame his childhood trauma to help children from hard places flourish
  • How we can connect with and practically help kids from hard places to flourish
  • Why he chose to share his story with the world through his book
  • His work with Patrick Henry Family Services, including the transition the organization is making from institutional to family-based care
  • The importance of a strength based philosophy as we work with orphaned and vulnerable children
  • The importance of consistency and intentionality in working with orphaned and vulnerable children
  • His books, radio show, sermons, and other resources that we can use to love children around the world
  • And much more!

We’ll also hear:

  • Recommendations from Phil and Dr. Karen

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One comment on “71. Overcoming Childhood Trauma and Transitioning from Institutional to Family-Based Care with Robert Day

  1. jephat Nov 28, 2017

    great talk