[ This episode is a recast from November 1, 2016 ]

In Episode 78, you will hear from Troy Livesay, Co-Director of Heartline Ministries in Haiti, talking with Phil about:

  • Heartline Ministries’ incredible work in Haiti with mothers, men, and vulnerable children
  • How we need to deal with the fundamental, root causes, not just the symptoms
  • How Heartline does its child sponsorships in connection with family preservation
  • How orphanages can potentially hurt orphaned and vulnerable children more than they help them
  • How “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” relates to Heartline’s work
  • How we can do short-term trips better

We’ll also hear about:

  • “Thoughts from the Field” from Nick Lyndon of Restavek Freedom Foundation in Haiti, sharing with us what he believes is one of the biggest issues the orphan care movement is facing today
  • The latest installment of “Phil and Kelly Recommend”

Links from the show:

 Heartline Ministries on the web

Books mentioned in the show:


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