In Episode 81, you will hear from Propaganda, Hip-Hop Artist, Speaker, and Activist, talking with Phil about:

  • Intersectionality – what it is, what it has to do with us, and how we work together around the world.
  • How we are called to oneness, not sameness or uniformity
  • What we can learn from his music, including extended discussion about his songs, “Don’t Listen to Me,” “Bored of Education,” and “I Ain’t Got an Answer.”
  • Race issues and how racial reconciliation can actually happen.
  • The concept of privilege, how it affects us and our society, and how we can learn from other cultures
  • What justice looks like in our broken world, and how we can live in community with people from other races and cultures
  • How we need to reform our education system
  • The importance of family and community in the flourishing of society
  • How can we keep high standards for excellence in our society
  • And much more!

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