In Episode 83, you will hear from Arturo Barrientos, Director of Development for Casa Viva, talking with Phil about:

  • Arturo’s work with Casa Viva in Latin America
  • His personal experience with foster care and how it has impacted his life
  • The importance of foster care and family reunification in Costa Rica and throughout Latin America
  • How we need to work together in community to bring justice and mercy to the orphaned and vulnerable children around the world
  • How our love for the orphaned and our spirituality are intimately connected
  • Why the local church is the primary answer for the orphaned and vulnerable children around the world
  • The “culture problem” we have in our local churches
  • Why we need to fight against the fear of suffering and the desire to be in control
  • The long-term process of changing the DNA of churches in their work with the orphaned and vulnerable
  • And much more!

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One comment on “83. Working Together to Bring Justice & Mercy to Orphaned and Vulnerable Children with Arturo Barrientos

  1. It makes me look forward to Summit 2018 even more.
    This podcast is just so full of good nuggets – I wish I could magically communicate all these wonderful thoughts, concepts, etc. to my fellow servants at our church… they are all so busy and don’t have much time to listen to podcasts and read books and articles….I am blessed that I can listen to your podcast while I’m at work doing some manual desktop publishing and while I’m in the car (well, when I don’t have my kiddo in the backseat…) Thank you, thank you, thank you for what you, Dr. Karen and all your guests do!