In Episode 90, you will hear from Jason Kovacs, Adoptive Dad, Co-Founder of Together for Adoption, Author, Counselor with Austin Stone Counseling Center, and Speaker, talking with Phil about:

  • His story and how his family got involved in adoption and orphan care
  • His work with Together for Adoption and Austin Stone Counseling Center, and what he has learned from his time with both organizations
  • His book, Reclaiming Adoption, and some of the things we all can learn from it
  • How we can integrate orphan care into our churches’ culture
  • Little things everyone can do to get involved with orphan care
  • The interconnectedness of church planting and orphan care
  • The financial costs of adoption and why nobody should rule out adoption because of high financial costs
  • A gospel-centered approach to sexual sin and love birth mothers in the midst of uncertainty and crisis
  • The use of Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) in trauma care and in his counseling practice
  • And much more!

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