In Episode 93, you will hear from Krish Kandiah, foster parent, Founder of Home for Good, speaker, professor, and Author of God is Stranger and several other books, talking with Phil about: 

  • His story and how he founded Home for Good
  • How we can love orphaned and vulnerable children better through foster care and adoption
  • The power of great books and bookstores in our lives, and Krish’s book recommendations for us
  • The calling toward Biblical orthodoxy and what it has to do with how we are called to love orphaned and vulnerable children
  • The importance of collaboration in orphaned and vulnerable child care, and how we can do it
  • Why Mother’s Day is one of the most pastorally-sensitive days of the year and how Home for Good is addressing it
  • What Krish has learned from his years of foster parenting
  • And much more!

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