In Episode 94, you will hear from Mark Stuart, Executive Director of Hands & Feet Project and former lead singer for Audio Adrenaline, talking with Phil about:  

  • His journey from an internationally-known rock band to Haiti and the world of orphaned and vulnerable children.
  • The cultural and societal issues in Haiti that make development work uniquely challenging, including the prevalence of abuse and slavery
  • How his organization, the Hands and Feet Project, is impacting poverty by creating jobs to boost the economy in Haiti
  • How tourism can help the nation of Haiti
  • How the Hands and Feet Project progressed from an institutional mindset to a focus on family-based residential care, reunification with biological families, and family preservation
  • The importance of (1) collaboration, teachability and high standard of excellence in organizational leadership; and (2) physical, mental, and emotional care for the orphaned and vulnerable children around the world
  • And much more!

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