In this episode, you will hear Cari Armbruster, Executive Director of Alliance for Children Everywhere, talking with Phil about:  

  • Her journey from visiting an orphanage in the Ukraine as a teenager to leading Alliance for Children Everywhere.
  • ACE’s four leverage points:
  1. Partnership with established indigenous churches
  2. Depend on alliance of collaborators and supports from other nations
  3. Operate temporary homes not orphanages with a focus on families
  4. The staff and management in the countries they work in are local
  • Establishing foster-to-adopt programs in Zambia by working with the government and churches through intentional relationship building.
  • Expanding the cultural mindset of foster care by leveraging the influence of local pastors to sensitize communities.
  • Working both top-down and bottom-up for more integrated impact.
  • Balancing reintegration with family preservation to encourage long-term success of the entire family.
  • The Children in Families Initiative in Zambia – 5 organizations working together across the spectrum of care to place all vulnerable children in strong families.
  • The ACE approach to short-term missions and alternatives to open engagement with vulnerable children.

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