In Episode 110 you will hear a conversation between Brian Fisher, co-founder and President of Human Coalition, and Kira Schlesinger, Episcopalian Priest and author of Pro-Choice and Christian, talking about:

  • Leaving a successful career in the for-profit sector to serve unborn children and their mothers
  • The work of human coalition to find and support women who are at-risk to abort through a 6-pronged approach
  • Why pregnancy, birth, and abortion are not just woman’s issues
  • The fatherhood crisis in our country
  • The role of eugenics and racism in the history of the abortion agenda
  • Laci and Conner’s law that protects unborn children from acts of violence – its complexities, confusion, and inconsistencies
  • Why the deep engagement of the local church will play a pivotal role in ending abortion
  • Her journey towards writing the book and searching for a more nuanced understanding about abortion
  • How our individual interpretations of the bible create the opinions and ideas we hold closely
  • How the abortion conversation often centers on a cultural discomfort with women’s bodies, sex, and pregnancy
  • A short history of the abortion debate in our country, the influence of religion, and a holistic pro-life ethic
  • Ethics as the study of competing goods: a woman’s personhood and right to bodily integrity vs a potential life
  • Empowering both women and men to share their experiences of abortion
  • Engaging well in conversations on abortion and other controversial topics

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