In Episode 118, you will hear from Jason Johnson, Author of Everyone Can Do Something, Reframing Foster Care, and All In Orphan Care, and Director of Church Ministry Initiatives for CAFO, talking with Phil about:

  • His work training and equipping churches in how to strategically engage your church around the orphaned and vulnerable
  • The how, what, who, and why of healthy orphan care ministries
  • What a “catalyst” leader is and why we need more of them in orphan care ministries
  • The dangers of the curse of knowledge, the “tapping” study, and the importance of increasing clarity in our ministries – how increasing clarity decreases anxiety
  • How the burden is on the leaders to help our churches learn the “song” of orphan care themselves, and how we can teach them
  • The importance of making the complex simple, and how we can do it for churches and ministry partners
  • How we can “Use The Existing” as we start and sustain church orphan care ministries
  • The “River” analogy, and how it can help you and others understand the interconnectedness of orphan care ministries and the need for collaboration in addressing the orphan crisis
  • And much more!

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