[ This episode is a recast from October 18, 2016 ]

In Episode 120, Dr. Russell Moore, President of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, pastor, and adoptive father, shares with us about:

  • Why Dr. Moore is so passionate about adoption and loving orphaned and vulnerable children around the world with excellence
  • The importance of a “whole life” ministry and message to our world today
  • How to engage the culture and others who disagree with you in a gospel-driven manner
  • The importance of men’s involvement in the orphan care movement


We’ll also hear about:

  • Phil’s and Kelly’s thoughts on the “Mail Bag” question about how we can healthily encourage change in our cross-cultural relationships and ministries
  • McLane Layton shares with us about how to address issues in international adoption in our “Thoughts from the Field” segment
  • Some more book recommendations in the “Phil and Kelly Recommend” segment

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Books mentioned in the show:

Recommendations for Haiti Relief Donations:


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