[ This episode is a recast from August 2, 2016 ]

In today’s episode, we get to hear from Andy Lehman, the President of LifeSong for Orphans (http://www.lifesongfororphans.org) which is an organization that helps mobilize the church to care for orphaned and vulnerable children.

In this episode you will learn about:  

  • Specifics of what LifeSong does to care for orphans
  • What does collaboration really look like
  • Educating orphans around the world
  • Defining success as an organization that cares for orphans
  • What does discipleship look like with orphaned and vulnerable children
  • Discipleship of adults in the communities where LifeSong works
  • Creating sustainable businesses in poverty stricken areas
  • The importance of equipping and providing accountability to indigenous people


Links from the show:

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LifeSong for Orphans on Sustainable Business 


Books mentioned in the show:


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