In Episode 141, you will hear from Mohamed Nabieu (“Nabs”)Child Welfare Programs Liaison for Helping Children Worldwide, talking with Phil about: 

  • His incredible story from being cared for in an orphanage to transitioning orphanages to family-based care 
  • How he has been able to deal with his childhood trauma and now help children who have experienced similar trauma in their lives
  • Why he loves Mondays and his unorthodox theory about elevators
  • The good and bad of orphanages, and why he believes that we need to shift our mindsets from orphanages to family-based care
  • How his organization, Helping Children Worldwide, is working to strengthen families and get orphaned and vulnerable children into families
  • Why we need to coach the people and not the problems
  • Why collaboration with people different from us is so important
  • And so much more! 

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