In Episode 146, you will hear from Rebecca Patterson and Krish Kandiah, who work with Home for Good, talking with Phil about: 

  • Their stories and how they have been working to equip churches to help get children into families 
  • How The Homecoming Project is working on many fronts to bring children into families and strengthen families 
  • How caring for the orphaned and vulnerable is a form of worship 
  • Alarming statistics regarding how the UK Church is responding to the crisis surrounding orphaned and vulnerable children, particularly how they are supporting institutions around the world 
  • Definitions of key terms in the context of orphan care, including “residential care” and “family” 
  • The debate around orphanages and transitioning to family-based care 
  • Short-term missions in connection with orphaned and vulnerable children 
  • The Global Church Pledge and how powerful collaborative relationships are in the context of our work to love orphaned and vulnerable children 
  • How the COVID-19 crisis will impact how we care for the vulnerable, and how the crisis is bringing out the best and worst in us 
  • And so much more! 

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