In Episode 149Dr. Rick and Phil have a conversation with Karen Springs, Author of Adoption Through the Rear View Mirror: Learning from Stories of Heartache and Hope and Communications Director for World Without Orphans, about (time-stamps following each bullet-point indicate the beginning of Karen’s answer covering each topic (video and audio timestamps differ slightly))  

  • Karen’s book and what inspired her to write it (7:00) 
  • Karen’s passion and purpose (9:22) 
  • Why it is important to tell the whole truth when sharing about adoption, and how Karen did that in her book (11:02) 
  • How Karen’s experiences provided her a unique perspective that enabled her to share a much-needed viewpoint on the landscape of adoption in our world (14:02) 
  • Karen’s big takeaways from her examination of her experiences that made up the content of her book (17:29) 
  • The importance of adopting parents reframing their expectations and redefining success (20:29) 
  • Some of the difficult issues covered in her book, such as when parents and/or children are unable to bond/attach (24:25), how adoptive families can effectively deal with grief and trauma (30:16), and how we can better handle disruptions of adoptions (33:26) 
  • A couple of the faith lessons Karen has learned during her life journey with adoptive families, such as “blessings redefined” and “redemptive suffering” (39:48) 
  • Karen’s book recommendation (44:05) and how her views on the care of orphaned and vulnerable children have evolved over time (45:26) 
  • And much more 

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