In Episode 150Dr. Rick and Phil have a conversation with DJ Jordan, an adoptive parent and a huge advocate for orphaned and vulnerable children, who has worked on congressional staffs and has contributed on Fox News and CNN, among many other things, about:   

  • DJ’s story and how he developed his passion for orphaned and vulnerable children (3:05) 
  • Some of the myths and misconceptions about foster care and adoption (11:04) 
  • The critical importance of healthy fathers in the lives of their children (13:48) 
  • How we can bring the black community into the conversation surrounding the care of orphaned and vulnerable children at a deeper level (16:15) 
  • How DJ’s personal experience as a foster parent and advocate has shaped his thoughts about public policy for orphaned and vulnerable children (21:59) 
  • Effective public/private partnerships with the faith-based community surrounding the care of OVC (28:04) 
  • How skepticism surrounding the system can be a barrier to people getting involved with foster care and adoption, and what we can do about it (31:35) 
  • How his church has effectively helped his adoptive family and how he believes they could improve on the care he received (36:12) 
  • DJ’s recommendations (39:03) 
  • And much more 

Links from the Show 


  • When Helping Hurts, by Brian Fikkert and Steven Corbett 
  • The Connected Child, by Karyn Purvis 

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