In Episode 152Part 1 of the two-part episode with Keith McFarland, Dr. Rick and Phil have a conversation with Keith, co-author/co-editor of In Pursuit of Orphan Excellence and Director of the Institute for Gospel Transformation at New Hope Uganda, about:   

  • Keith’s story and how his passion for loving orphaned and vulnerable children led him and his family to New Hope Uganda (6:55) 
  • How NHU’s Institute for Gospel Transformation is working to help others understand how we can help orphaned and vulnerable children to flourish in their communities around the world (10:38) 
  • How In Pursuit of Orphan Excellence came together, the joys and challenges of the collaborative book writing process with authors from around the world, and whether Keith thinks that collaborating with others on book projects is worth it (18:34) 
  • The critical importance of family in a child’s life, how the Bible guides our understanding of family and how we should value and prioritize it, and how our understanding of fatherhood and family is related to our understanding and experience with God (25:20) 
  • What Keith would have changed about In Pursuit if he would have written it today (35:05) 
  • And a question that will make you want to come back for the second part of our interview with Keith (39:58)  

Links from the Show 


  • In Pursuit of Orphan Excellenceby Keith McFarland and Philip Darke 
  • Orphanology, by Rick Morton and Tony Merida 

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