In Episode 153Part 2 of the two-part episode with Keith McFarland, Dr. Rick and Phil have a conversation with Keith, co-author/co-editor of In Pursuit of Orphan Excellence and Director of the Institute for Gospel Transformation at New Hope Uganda, about:   

  • A common misunderstanding of In Pursuit of Orphan Excellence concerning the role of single mothers in adoption and in their children’s lives around the world (1:47) 
  • The critical importance of national leadership, how Keith has benefited from working under and with Ugandan nationals, and where national leadership fits into orphan care communities (6:18) 
  • How Keith has learned to effectively collaborate cross-culturally, and how you can do the same (11:52) 
  • The need for intentionality and patience in cross-cultural (and any) ministry (15:02) 
  • What Keith has learned about national leadership since writing In Pursuit of Orphan Excellence and going through some leadership transitions at New Hope Uganda (20:17) 
  • Keith’s book recommendations and mentors in his work with orphaned and vulnerable children (25:03) 

And, Dr. Rick and Phil discuss their respective experiences collaborating on books and how collaboration can look very different with different projects. 

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Fields of the Fatherless

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