In Episode 154Dr. Rick and Phil have a conversation with Robert Glover OBE, Founder and Executive Director of Care for Children and author of As Many as the Stars: A Story of Change for the Children of China, about:   

  • Robert’s amazing story about moving his family of 8 to China from England to work with the government to transform the Chinese child welfare system (1:32) 
  • The issues surrounding fatherlessness and how we together can tackle the issues caused by fatherlessness in our world (7:39) 
  • Why families are so important in children’s lives and how Care for Children has been working to transition institutions to family-based care in China, Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia (11:48) 
  • How his organization has worked to understand each country they are working in and why understanding the differences in each country are critical to effective work with governments and children (17:43) 
  • How Robert built trust and credibility, and maintained relationships during his time in China (20:50) 
  • How Robert worked with the Chinese government and society to shift the paradigms surrounding their vulnerable children and how to care for them (25:05) 
  • How Robert and Care for Children overcame obstacles to place over 1 million children into families (28:57) 
  • Whether the Care for Children model is transferable and replicable outside of Asia (32:36) 
  • His new book, As Many as the Stars, and documentary, “Children of Shanghai” and an incredibly generous offer from Robert relating to the book (36:20) 
  • International adoption and the changing landscape of adoption from China (43:57) 
  • Robert’s recommendations and inspirations (48:35) 

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