In Episode 155Dr. Rick and Phil have a conversation with Spencer Reeves, Executive Director of Child Hope International, about:

  • Spencer’s journey to caring for orphaned and vulnerable children at Child Hope in Haiti (4:17) 
  • The transition from orphanages to family-based care in Haiti that Child Hope has been going through over the past few years (6:23) 
  • How Child Hope has collaborated with other organizations as it is working through this transition (10:57) 
  • Child Hope’s family sponsorship program (16:40) 
  • Successes and struggles Child Hope has faced during their transition (25:45) 
  • How Child Hope is working through attachment and trauma with the families (28:09) 
  • How Child Hope is working to bring Haitians from aid and dependency to development and flourishing (30:51) 
  • Spencer’s recommendations and influencers (38:30) 

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