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In Episode 158, Dr. Rick and Phil have a conversation with Lisa Qualls, Co-author of The Connected Parent: Real Life Strategies for Building Trust and Attachment, and the blog, “One Thankful Mom,” about:   

  • Lisa’s story, how she developed her passion for orphaned and vulnerable children, and how she ended up writing a book with Dr. Karyn Purvis (3:28) 
  • The importance of both theory and practice in our care for children from hard places, and how The Connected Parent bridges the theory-practice gap (11:15) 
  • The importance of parents being detectives in the parenting of their children (15:41) 
  • Some of the really difficult challenges Lisa and her family faced when she brought her adopted children home, and how they addressed the challenges (20:41) 
  • Lisa’s experiences with reaching out to others for help with her adoptions and her family’s issues (25:03) 
  • How her biological children experienced and dealt with the adoptions, and some unintended consequences of the adoption (29:15) 
  • Which TBRI principles have helped Lisa the most as she has worked to break negative parenting cycles and habits (34:51) 
  • Adult attachment styles and how they play into our parenting (37:30) 
  • What Lisa wants to say to anyone struggling and feeling defeated and alone in the midst of their adoption journey (41:41) 
  • The most important thing Lisa has learned as an adoptive parent (45:22) 
  • Lisa’s recommendations and most influential people in her adoption journey (46:36) 

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