In Episode 159, Dr. Rick and Phil have a conversation with Jared Scheppmann, Executive Director of Ekisa Ministries in Uganda, about:   

  • Jared’s story, how his heart was captured by a love for orphaned and vulnerable children, and he ended up leading Ekisa in Uganda (4:47) 
  • What he learned from working in an orphanage and how it shaped his ministry philosophy relating to the care of OVC (10:35) 
  • The importance of addressing root causes rather than simply dealing with symptoms of problems, and how Ekisa is addressing root causes in its ministry (20:23) 
  • How Ekisa is collaborating with other organizations in its care for children with disabilities in it community and beyond (35:00) 
  • A new foster care collective that Ekisa is working with to maximize the number of children in families throughout Uganda (41:56) 
  • Jared’s book recommendations and who has impacted his ministry over the years (47:52) 

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