In Episode 161, Dr. Rick and Phil have a conversation with Jeff Juhala, National Director of Training and Ministry Programs for For the Children, about:   

  • Jeff’s story, how his heart was captured by a love for orphaned and vulnerable children, and he ended up with For the Children and Royal Family Kids Camps (3:00) 
  • What For the Children and Royal Family Kids Camps do and how they are helping families and kids from hard places (7:42) 
  • How For the Children breaks down the walls between Church and State, and actually collaborates with the State to love the children with excellence (10:33) 
  • How the camps impact the way the volunteer adults think about and care for orphaned and vulnerable children (14:05) 
  • A few incredible stories about how seemingly little acts of love in the lives of vulnerable children by loving adults have had massive impacts in the lives of the children (18:11) 
  • How For the Children is wrapping around foster families to help them flourish (26:45) 
  • How For the Children and RFK Camps help people get involved with foster kids in small and big ways, all of which are needed and valuable (32:48) 
  • How Jeff’s training program for the RFK volunteers uses spontaneous moments, along with prepared curriculum, to prepare the people to work with the children, and how they are adapting since COVID has forced them to embrace virtual training (35:57) 
  • Jeff’s book recommendations and influencers (41:36) 

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