In this recast, you will hear from Bruce Kendrick at Watermark Christian Church talking with Phil about:

  • His foster care and adoption story, as he has children with an age range of 4 to 25
  • His work at Watermark Christian Church and his prior work with Embrace Texas
  • How he became less cynical toward churches and their orphan care ministries and do a better job of making orphan care part of the DNA of churches
    • Why he believes we need to stop saying that “not everyone is called to foster or adopt” when speaking at churches
    • Why we need to stop begging churches to get involved in orphan care.
  • How we can disciple the churches who are doing nothing about orphan care to understand that the care of OVC is at the core of the Gospel
  • How we can effectively collaborate with each other in our work with orphaned and vulnerable children
    • How we can build structures (e.g., care circles) to wrap around families when they foster or adopt
    • How we can strengthen families to help get foster kids back into their families and prevent fostering events from ever happening.

And much more!

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