In this recast, Episode 172, you will hear from Amanda Cox, who has worked with Lumos, Faith to Action Initiative, and Hope and Homes for Children to help orphaned and vulnerable children around the world flourish, talking with Phil about:

  • Her story and how she got involved working to improve orphan care around the world, and why she really believes that children belong in families, not institutions
  • The work of Lumos and other organizations pursuing deinstitutionalization
  • Why Amanda is so passionate about working in Haiti and the work Lumos and others are doing to fight the culture of orphanages in the country
  • A study done by Lumos in Haiti about the connection of orphanages and trafficking in Haiti, how foreign dollars are contributing to it, and how we can fight against the corruption
  • Systemic issues in orphan care in Haiti, and how we can work to correct them
  • Why it is important for us to reframe how we think about Haiti and other developing countries around the world
  • And much more!

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