In episode 176, you will hear from Dr. Greg Burch, Chair of the Global Studies Department at Multnomah University and expert on issues surrounding children at risk. He’s talking with us today about issues facing street connected children, the problems with statistics when it comes to at risk children and the role education plays to equip practitioners towards caring for orphans and vulnerable children with excellence.

  • Greg shares his background in working with street connected children and youth (3:30)
  • Big picture of the street connected child population (10:40)
  • Common approaches governments take to address the issues facing street connected children (17:36)
  • Contributing factors that lead children to go to the streets (23:00)
  • Successful interventions and restorative practices with street connected children (29:20)
  • Greg shares about his work in global development and justice at Multnomah University (35:35)
  • Bridging the gap between theory and practice (44:50)

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