In episode 181, you’ll hear from Ian Forber-Pratt who serves as the CEO of The Institute for Child Welfare Innovation, the Director of Global Advocacy at CERI, and also teaches at the Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis. We talk with Ian about the work that he and his team are undertaking in domestic and international reform to “Protect Childhood.”

  • Ian introduces himself and his recap since 2016, now taking on domestic work in child welfare, in addition to continuing his previous work for care reform globally (7:33)
  • Ian provides insights on care reform in the global south through “the unbuilt bridge” (12:22)
  • “The unbuilt bridge” explained as the in-between skills and services needed when transitioning care from institutions to family-based care (14:40)
  • Ian presents his experiences in recent years working in the USA within care reform, specifically discussing FFPSA in 2018 (18:43)
  • Ian explains the Diffusion of Innovation Theory (23:00)
  • More about the Institute for Child Welfare and the way Ian and his team evaluate the child’s needs, discerning and innovating the best interest of the child, rather than implementing care through the standardization of processes in child welfare (33:10)
  • Ian highlights the 30 Days to Family program to urgently find connections to the child in order to provide foster or adoptive care (38:00)
  • Ian shares two podcasts and a book he recommends (44:50)

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