In episode 182, you’ll hear from Jonathan Dowell who serves as the Executive Director of Weza Care Solutions. We talk with Jonathan about the emphasis on their social work and rehabilitation work by filling gaps in transition between the old system of institutionalized care and maturing more organizations in Kenya who want to take on new models of care to help children and families.

  • Jonathan shares how he came to work with at risk children in Kenya (5:54)
  • Care reform in Kenya for Weza Care Solutions is being part of what Jonathan calls ‘charity support’ (8:20)
  • Weza Care Solutions is providing hope by working in ‘the gap’ (11:18)
  • Jonathan discusses Kenya’s social systems and what it needs to change (14:54)
  • Weza’s approach with grassroots or underseen organizations (16:40)
  • Jonathan explains systems’ theory ‘the two-loop model’ (19:30)
  • How to unlock healing from the brokenness in this transition from old to new (21:40)
  • Jonathan elaborates on how Weza honors the old system while promoting the new system to provide a graceful path of transition (22:28)
  • Charity support done by Weza in four ways (27:13)
  • Data collection has provided insight on how to drive the work forward (29:13)
  • What does orphanhood look like? (32:56)

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