In episode 183, you’ll hear from Kara Wilson Garcia who serves as the Executive Director of Project RED. We talk with Kara about the effects of conflict in El Salvador, how reintegration policies can go wrong and the work Project RED is doing to strengthen families and support children.

  • Introduction to Kara and Project RED in El Salvador (4:56)
  • Supporting the work of finding families for children and a discussion on the country’s policies (10:54)
  • Filling gaps in the child welfare system through Reintegration, Education and Development (19:17)
  • Kara shares about the advocacy program and a transitional care shelter called Bridge of Hope (22:00)
  • The prevalence of caseworker burn out (24:20)
  • Defining family strengthening (27:00)
  • The adverse effects of gang violence and extortion on family care programs in the community (31:00)

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