In episode 184, you’ll hear from Dr. Susan Hillis who works at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and also serves on the leadership team of World Without Orphans. In this episode, Dr. Hillis shares with us her own background as an adoptive mother, the importance of a global response for orphaned and at-risk children and the far reaching implications of the millions of children left orphaned by the COVID-19 global pandemic.

  • Susan’s personal and professional introduction in relation to working with vulnerable children globally (6:20)
  • How Susan has seen God’s heart for adoption through her personal experiences (12:31)
  • A strategic framework to effectively address the needs of children  (19:40)
  • A vivid example from Kenya in how to find solutions to help abused children (20:35)
  • The role of research in supporting orphans and vulnerable children (25:24)
  • An emphasis on how gatekeepers can identify children in need and how to help them best (35:00)
  • Susan overviews what is happening at the family level, at the community level, and the national level especially in the global south (36:23)
  • The 3 P’s for COVID-19 intervention: Prevent death, prepare families and protect children (39:57)
  • Susan’s most impactful book and influences (44:36)

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