In episode 185, you will hear from Tamrat Kebede who is the Ethiopia Director for Selamta Family Project. Tamrat talks with Phil and Brandon about his own experience growing up in an orphanage and how that has informed his work overseeing Selamta’s family and community based model of care. Tamrat also explains the current conflict unfolding in Ethiopia and how that is adversely affecting orphans and vulnerable children in the country.

  • Introduction (4:25)
  • Hear about Tamrat’s tough personal experiences growing up in an orphanage (10:25)
  • How the Church can reverse the orphan stigma, provide dignity to orphans, and become trauma informed (14:45)
  • The reason behind Selamta Family Project’s programs for prevention and transitional care (17:40)
  • More about programs like the Salama forever family home and a community center (21:40)
  • The breakdown of the ethnic and political divisions within Ethiopia (25:30)
  • Responding to the layers of needs: to the greater numbers of children going hungry, or needing education, due to displacement and Covid-19 in Ethiopia (35:00)
  • Recommendations (41:30)

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One comment on “185. From Leaving Care to Leading Care in Ethiopia with Tamrat Kebede

  1. Yodit Dec 8, 2021

    Dear Tamrat, I heard you say that you are made fearfully and wonderfully made by God like everyone on this planet. I cant agree more…..but I think you [orphans] are special….God cares deeply to you and adoption is near to God’s heart (Psalm 82:3; Psalm 68:5; Psalm 10:17–18; Think of Mosses, Samuel (adopted by Eli), Esther (raised by Mordechai)…. and Jesus Himself (adopted by Joseph). Nelson Mandela, Steve Jobs, Lemin Sisay are but a few of influential people who were orphans.
    Stay Blessed