In episode 186, you will hear from the crew at SFAC: Mick Pease, Dan Hope and Dr Caitlin Lance Hope. They get into an array of topics with Phil and Brandon around child protection, family care services and what they’ve learned from years working in global child welfare.

  • Dan gives an overview of SFAC’s work (3:20)
  • Mick discusses his book and what led him to write it (7:27)
  • Dan shares about options for orphaned children beyond just meeting their physical needs (14:55)
  • Caitlin emphasizes the importance of not taking on too much in our child care programs (16:45)
  • The importance of gaining knowledge and skills from qualified professionals in order to help children in need (21:50)
  • Caitlin shares the need for support and self care by “balancing the bias” (25:00)
  • The SFAC team discusses the critical importance of training (28:40)
  • Dan highlights their new online course on JOURNEYHOME that brings in a child perspective in everything they do in their work to get children home or care for children (37:53)

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